Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Of Goosebumps, Captain Underpants, Aliens and Potter

The Favorite books of my childhood were Famous Five, Secret Seven and Hardy Boys. I loved being part of their adventures and secret meetings which involved fresh lemonade and freshly baked cookies and ginger biscuits while they tried to catch the bad guys with the help of their pet dogs and friendly neighborhood police. Enid Blyton was a favorite and I loved reading Malory Towers. I yearned to study in a school where so much seems to happen all the time and wished for friends who were fun, adventurous and brave like Sally and Darrel. Of course as most schools in India go we didn’t have a proper library and the exposure to books and the world outside were limited.

Now my son is going through the phase of reading adventure stories. For him the favorite books are Harry Potter Series, Captain Underpants, and Goosebumps and of course anything involving aliens and outerspace.He also loves monsters and has read Hobbit. What would the next generation love to read?


Immigrant in Canada said...

Thank you for visiting my blog..Next generation.. they would probably use teleporation and travel one place to another in nano seconds.. would they read..I hope so..
There must be so much genetic difference between a girl and boy eh? My daughter likes stories like nancy drew..famous and cars..may be occasionally a dinasuar too

Annam said...

I guess there is a lot of difference between boys and girls in what they like and what they dont.My son is not much into cars but ofcourse like to take apart everything in the house to find out what is inside and just drives me crazy!!

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silverine said...

Thanks for dropping by. I loved my Enid Blytons and Nancy Drews and Hardy boys. Besides Asterix, Tin Tin and all the English authors. What a lovely time they gave me during childhood. Books still bring warm memories. My litle cousins are now into Harry Potter. But I did get quite a few hooked onto 'our' good reading habits :)

Brijesh said...

I loved reading Hardy Boys. Mysteries happening in Moon or Mars for next generation kids?

Aniyan said...

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