Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kunjunni Master -The little big man of Malayalam literature

I was fortunate to meet Kunjunni master thrice-in middle school, during my pre-university and later while doing my masters.He read his poems with us, talked to us about reading habits and wrote "pokkamillayama aanenthe pookam" in my autograph. His book "Namboothiri Phalithangal" if I remember correctly was a prescribed reading for Calicut University students although this was before I entered college. My brother and I managed to get the book and we memorized all the verses.I still remember

" Oru theepatti kolli tharu,
Oru beedi tharu,
Oru chundu tharu,
Nan orru beedi valichu rasikattey"

His kavithas were short, full of humor and memorable.He will be missed by all malayalis young and old.

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കുടുംബംകലക്കി said...

You are right. We miss him very much.