Saturday, February 10, 2007

Innocent and Irinjalakuda

Innocent and Irinjalakuda- they seem to go so well together. Whenever I mention to anyone from Kerala that my native place is near Irinjalakuda the immediately response is “Isn’t that where Innocent is from? And If I ever see anyone blinking I volunteer “I am from Innocents place”. Mention Innocent and I am always awarded with an innocent smile, a huge grin and entry into the inner circle. After all Innocent’s nattukar should be innocent .Right?

How come nobody ask me about Jayachandran? Or Edavela Babu (I heard of him first while he was a student of Irinjalakuda Boys High School, judging from the mallu movies I watch it seems like he never outgrew college-Lucky him..) If you would like to know more about Innocent and Irinjalakuda do visit his at Parpidam in Cyber space.

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This is interesting !