Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Fun

This was our second Halloween in US. Our pumkin carving skills have surely got better. Except that I carved the mouth a wee little bit low, it came out fine. This year we also had the right candle to light inside the Pumkin. I used an old black skirt over the unused winerack and some cobwebs and 3 plastic spiders to keep our pumkin outside our door. My son had this idea of hiding his smoke/fog machine under the winerack . He pasted a small note saying "Press me if you dare" on the remote and made all the kids press it and surprised them with the blue smoke/fog. Our visitors - Fairies, Pirates , Ninjas , Goblins, Zorros, Spiderman and Batwoman all were taken aback at the blue smoke/fog coming from under the dark hood. My son also went trick or treating and had a great time. Next year he wants the fog to come out from the Pumkin. Oh oh..Did I just give away his secret !

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Dennis said...

Next time he should dress like our own luttappi/dakini/kuttoosan. And he should have a gada like mayavi did. This sure will be alien to everyone else. :)