Friday, October 20, 2006

I am outdated

My son - Can you borrow me more books on Animorphs from the library?

Me - A what?

My son -It’s this story about children who grow tails and hair and sharp ears like a mouse... or wings and beaks like an eagle …

Me- Isn’t that creepy? Why do you want to read about kids turning into animals?

My son – You don’t understand do you? Animorphs saves the planet..

Me in my mind – (Yes, Animorphs saves the planet but who will save you from them? )

My Son – How come you never read these stories as a kid? You have never read "Visser" or "Elimist" have you?

Me – Nope; But I have read "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn"

My Son – Yeah, you borrowed that from the library for me . But you know what... That is just not cool…. You should have borrowed the “Andalite Chronicles” or better still the “The Hork Bajir Chronicles” instead

Me- What is so great about these animorphs anyway?

My son- You need to know more about the Superstring theory to understand that, also you need to understand Live Memory Transfer protocol and the Andalite Harmonic Theory

Me – Why not read some books that has normal human beings in it?

My Son – Not only do you dress funny.. You’re so not cool…

Me – I give up... I am so very outdated...


Thanu said...

this is so funny... how old is ur son?

Annam said...

10 yrs now :)

Dennis said...

Ha, This post reminds me of C&H.
Navin-Calvin, Even the names match. :) Give him a Hobbes.