Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Purple flowers, Parle biscuits and Sundari mango

She lived in the big house with the old door that creaked so bad it disturbed the afternoon siesta of people living five house from theirs. The hideous concrete fence around her house was lined with mango and coconut trees and pepper vines. During the summer the mangoes were ready for picking and tasted like heaven. Sundari Mango had the most beautiful fruit and blushing cheeks like a bride and till you bit into it you never knew how sour it was. Even the wayward kids from the neighborhood, who had nothing to do but stone every Mango tree on that lane, spared Suandari. The garden had a small creeper with purple flowers and yellow berries. Its fragrance always reminding her of Parle biscuits inside the yellow and red wrapper that her dad got from the corner shop. Nobody cared for the creeper except the little girl.But they grew wild and fast just like her. While her mother tended to the bright red roses and father trimmed the bougainvilleas she walked around the small garden smelling the purple flowers.Yesterday I met the little girl,she was still searching for that fragrance sorting through Nina Ricci, Chanel and D&G

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Incommunicado aka Max said...

Nice photo. The innocence of kids without a worry in this world.